Do you speak France? Parlez-vous la France? French classes for the whole family

La Souris Verte specialises in French classes and events for the whole family from babies, toddlers, children to adults in Ashford, Kent.

To truly speak French you need to master the French language and understand French culture

We believe that to truly speak a foreign language, you need to both master the language itself, and understand the culture of its country. This is why we have developed French lessons and events to truly immerse you in the French language and culture.

For us, to become a true French speaker is to know what to say, when to say it and above all how. All our lessons will include these 3 major pillars of expertise ‘What’, ‘When’ and ‘How’ so that you can totally master French and the French!

French classes and events tailored to the whole family

We have tailored solutions for all levels and ages from beginners to improvers. And because starting to learn French at an early age is a sure way to integrate the language better later on in life, we are offering specific baby, toddler and children classes.

So why wait any longer to become a true French person and master the language.

Allons-y!* Let’s see what French course best suits your needs…

Whatever your level, French beginner to French improver, you will find the right course for you. From learning from scratch to having a full on conversation. You can also book French one-to-one sessions.

There are fantastic benefits of learning a foreign language at an early age. Come and join us for a fun French classes with your baby, toddler and/or child.

We offer tailored classes to private and community groups .

A wonderful new technique of teaching french in a friendly atmosphere with the use of visual aids to totally immerse yourself in the french culture to really experience what it is to be french” (facebook Dec 19)

“This is a lovely baby rhyme class which my baby and I thoroughly enjoyed. I wanted my son to be exposed to another language from an early age to help his development and this class was perfect for that! One of the rhymes we learned I use to sing him to sleep at nap times, it works a treat. I can highly recommend Juliette and this class!!”(text Nov 19)

*Let’s go