The letters at the end of a word you don’t pronounce in French

When in English, consonants at the end of a word are pronounced, in French it is rather the contrary and most consonants are silent.

Pronouncing the end of the word is a common mistake among English speakers. But it is a really bad mistake as it really annoys French people and can even lead to misunderstandings.

So before you get used to badly pronouncing words, here is a simple sentence that you can use to remember which consonants are usually silent. A friend sent it to me and I find it very useful.

Hey Guys Don’t Sound This Please X

So here are some examples

Consonants always silent

H (Hey)



S (Sound)

Indicating a plural form, most of the time.

Des chats (cats)

Des tables (tables)


T (This)

Il est (he is)

Petit (small)

Un élément (an element)


Indicating a plural form, most of the time

Des morceaux (pieces)

Un prix (a price) – ok this is singular, an exception!

Beware, for the below letters, you may have to pronounce the end consonant if the word has got one syllable or is from foreign origin, especially Engligh

D (Don’t)

Un pied (a foot)

Un accord (an agreement)

Un fjord

G (Guys)

Un hareng (a herring)

Un shampoing (a shampoo)

But zapping,


P (Please)

Un camp

Un coup (a knock)

BUT un camping

Une tong


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