Pour écouter du français (adultes)*

There are plenty of different ways to listen to French in the UK.


Radio is a great way to listen to French in the background while doing other things. You can then start integrating the music of the language and the culture of the country without realising it. For those with a higher level of French, it is a good way to improve on your French.

Since 1986, French radios are legally obliged to broadcast at least 40% of French songs with 50% new hits / new singers (if you want to know more about this regulation, click here). This law was passed to protect French artists from international / English speaking hits. As a result, you will always be able to listen to a lot of French songs while also accessing the latest english speaking international hits from the USA and UK. We usually also have a lot of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian hits, especially in the summer.

Bonne écoute! (enjoy listening to the radios)


TV is a way trickier than radio. Due to copyrights and broadcast regulations, there are a lot of programs that you cannot access outside France and very very few channels are available free to air without a specific system.

However, there are ways! And considering the amount of hours I have spent trying to access my favourite programs and channels, I have become quite an expert!

Bon visionage!

*To listen to French (adults)