You have to feel and live a language to speak it!

Parlez une langue étrangère, c’est la vivre!

We have tailored our lessons on 3 major pillar of expertise for a comprehensive offering.

Ou comment devenir un vrai français / une vraie française! *

What to say

The most obvious of all, learning the vocabulary and acquiring some basic grammar so that you can build your sentence properly. But, if you make mistake and your sentence is not grammatically perfect, this is fine! This is often an issue I face with my students, they are so paralysed by not speaking perfectly that they never try…. Go for it! Have faith in you! Because, it is not all about the what you say

When to say it

Have you ever had the feeling to have spoken out of term and be totally mortified because of it, or as we say in French ‘être à côté de la plaque’. Well, what is acceptable in the UK may not be in France and when to say it will also be different. Do you really understand why French people behave the way they do, so that you can then behave accordingly and avoid misunderstandings?

How to say it

Are you answering like an English person or like a true French person? Can you explain why when your friend who knows the French well says a basic sentence, she/he is automatically identified as a very good speaker and when you say exactly the same thing, you are clearly identified as an English person with basic French?

*Or how to become a true French person