Hello ! My name is Juliette and I come from the Corrèze départment or part of the more commonly known Dordogne region. I have been in the UK for more than 15 years.

My love for education and multi-cultural environments started at a very young age! I myself come from a multi-cultural family and for me, speaking foreign languages and adapting to people from other cultures come as second nature!

“Dealing with and loving different cultures, part of my DNA”

I started to give English lessons to young children in France when I was a teenager. I stopped to continue my studies in International Business Studies where I did a specialist Master’s degree in multicultural management for businesses. I then worked as a marketing professional for international companies which meant dealing with multicultural teams and multi-country campaigns on a regular basis. I was often the main point of reference when it came to understanding the different behaviours within a group and was usually the one explaining to the teams why such a packaging or campaign could not work in the desired country.

I will always remember a situation when we had a French and UK team meeting. The French team came out of it thinking it went really well and were really pleased with the outcomes, the British team came out of it thinking it went really bad and nothing would come out of it. I think this is a perfect example of how different cultures can actually not understand each other even if they speak the same language and think they know each other! I myself have to deal with these differences everyday living in a foreign country and being married to a British citizen! And it is not always easy…. Even if my biggest achievement is to have actually made British people laugh using the famous and so difficult to master British humour! This is why I decided to base my teaching on this core aspect of cultural differences. Speaking a language means living it. You can learn more about my teaching concept here.

“Education comes as second nature”

As with mingling with different cultures, educating is another love affair. Educating French kids to speak English, then educating consumers and health professionals as part of my marketing roles, educating English professionals to speak French, being an education speaker for Cats Protection and lastly give French lessons in British schools.

After a huge change in my life, the arrival of my lovely baby boy, I decided to start La Souris Verte to help you speak France and give you a little bit of my home country culture.

My teaching reflects my life and love

My way of teaching will be a mix of good old fashion education while always adding this cultural information that will make the difference. And let’s not forget the fun and relaxed environment! As let’s face, it we all want to have a good time! I have developed courses for adult from beginners to improvers, for little ones from 5 months to 10 years old and can also bring my cultural knowledge to groups and companies. And of course, we can deepen your knowledge with private lessons.